Friday 1 April 2011

First Post – and it’s a Corker!

The questions for any business embarking on an ad campaign have always been the same: What do we want to say? Who are we saying it to? Can we make the logo bigger?

That’s before you even consider a crowded marketplace, exactly what it is that makes you different from your competitors and expensive media that means it’s even more critical to get the message right first time.

There are a lot of decisions to make and little room for error.


What better way to start this blog than by launching a super-duper, 24 carat, bona fide, interstellar, new and improved, 100% extra free, totally-THE-business, business competition: the chance to win creative for an advertising campaign!

I’ve been working with and and we’ve got together to offer the prize of all the creative needed for an ad campaign - ideas, words and pictures - all expertly art directed by Midnight Oil.

We’ll take a brief, decide on your priorities, get the message right and carefully craft a campaign that gives your business maximum stand out. You’ll look and feel better than ever... if you win! All you have to do is get it out there in front of your audience.

Visit to find out more and to enter. Good luck!