Monday 7 July 2014

In Meat We Trust

Burger Republic – Delicious Brand Work

I’ve been working with Shelley of ASHA Design to help come up with a new, authentic brand look and feel for the lovely peeps at Burger Republic.

Having worked with all kinds of businesses – some really very big, others pretty small and every kind in-between - I know that each has their own vision and their own way to achieve it. It might be to compete on price or to focus on service. In almost every case people want to talk about quality.

When that quality is already evident in every respect, you know you’re going to get a great result. It’s not that it makes my job easier. It makes it more enjoyable.  You’re starting from a higher bar, with people who have already invested in their business. And so you can quickly go beyond establishing quality to living and breathing it. Having fun with it. The kind of fun that their customers will immediately warm to.

Working with people like this is fab. They have a stronger, clearer vision and with that they’re open to bigger, better ideas. Their business or product or service already stands apart from the competition so it’s a lovely and fun job to elevate it even more.

Everything just seems to fall into place.

It helps that Shelley’s a fantastic designer. That Burger Republic know how to – with the help of McGreevy’s Butchers – put together a burger that’s far superior to any other you’re ever tasted, and that all together, we could quickly see the kind of direction that would excite customers and put together the look and tone that really bring the Republic's commitment to great street food to life.

For Burger Republic, we produced the Pledge to set the tone and inform the design which runs across all collateral, from menus to t-shirts.


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Hardcore design geeks can see more on Behance

Burger Republic isn’t just a superior patty. It’s a place.

Burger Republic is a country on the move in more ways than one: you’ll find our 1964 Airstream Overlander wherever people of great taste gather to listen to good music, shop ‘til they drop or just chill with friends.  

Burger Republic is also fast-forwarding the story of the ultimate fast-food: from its roots in the 19th century through the swinging '60s to the present day.

We’re bringing bland burgers back to life, starting with our own recipe gourmet hamburgers, grilled to perfection, with delicious dressing, sauces and beautiful bread.

The President and First Lady of Burger Republic commissioned their own master butcher to produce particular patties of 100% Irish beef. And you can be assured every single ingredient is just as fresh, local wherever possible and selected only for superior taste and flavour.

Hungry? Satisfaction is on the menu.
Welcome to gourmet hamburger country.

Where lovers of good hamburgers live life to the full.